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Subclasses of DirectoryEntry in
 class DirectoryItem
          A class representing a leaf node in a generic directory structure.
 class Folder
          A class representing a generic folder node within a directory structure.
 class SymbolicLink
          A class representing a symbolic link within a generic directory structure.

Methods in that return DirectoryEntry
 DirectoryEntry Folder.getEntry(int index)
          Return the child entry at the specific position.
 DirectoryEntry Folder.getGlobalEntry(int entryNo)
          Staring from this node, return the index'th element in the tree, traversing depth first.
 DirectoryEntry Folder.find(String name)
          Find a given node among the immediate children of this folder.
 DirectoryEntry Folder.findGlobal(String name)
          Find a given node within the entire subtree of this folder.
 DirectoryEntry Folder.findEntry(Object item)
          Return entry based on item value.

Methods in with parameters of type DirectoryEntry
 void Folder.add(DirectoryEntry entry, int index)
          Add an entry to this folder at a specific position.
 void Folder.add(DirectoryEntry entry)
          Add an entry to the end of this folder.
 void Folder.addSorted(DirectoryEntry entry)
          Add an entry sorted alphabetically according to the entrys toString() method.
 void Folder.remove(DirectoryEntry entry)
          Remove entry from this folder.
 int Folder.getGlobalIndexOfEntry(DirectoryEntry entry)
          Starting from here, return the entry number of the specified entry traversing depth first.
 int Folder.getIndexOfEntry(DirectoryEntry entry)
          Return position of the specified entry.
 boolean Folder.contains(DirectoryEntry entry)
          Recursively check if an entry is descendant of this folder.

Constructors in with parameters of type DirectoryEntry
SymbolicLink(DirectoryEntry actualEntry)
          Create a symbolic link of a specified actual entry.
SymbolicLink(DirectoryEntry actualEntry, String name)
          Create a symbolic link of a specified actual entry and with a specified name.

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