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 class Time
          A class representing a moment in time.

Methods in that return Day
 Day Day.addDays(int nDays)
          Return a day which is the given number of days after this day.
 Day Day.addMonths(int nMonths)
          Return a day wich is a given number of month after this day.
 Day Day.addYears(int nYears)
          Return a day wich is a given number of years after this day.
static Day Day.getFirstOfMonth(int dayOfWeek, int month, int year)
          Find the first of a specific day in a given month.
static Day Day.getLastOfMonth(int dayOfWeek, int month, int year)
          Find the last of a specific day in a given month.
static Day Day.getNthOfMonth(int n, int dayOfWeek, int month, int year)
          Find the n'th xxxxday of s specified month (for instance find 1st sunday of May 2006; findNthOfMonth (1, Calendar.SUNDAY, Calendar.MAY, 2006); Return null if the specified day doesn't exists.
 Day Day.subtractDays(int nDays)
          Subtract a number of days from this day.
 Day Day.subtractMonths(int nMonths)
          Subtract a number of months from this day.
 Day Day.subtractYears(int nYears)
          Subtract a number of years from this day.
static Day
          A more explicit front-end to the Day() constructor which return a day object representing the day of creation.

Methods in with parameters of type Day
 int Day.compareTo(Day day)
          Compare this day to the specified day.
 int Day.daysBetween(Day day)
          Return number of days between two days.
 boolean Day.isAfter(Day day)
          Return true if this day is after the specified day.
 boolean Day.isBefore(Day day)
          Return true if this day is before the specified day.
 void Time.setDay(Day day)

Constructors in with parameters of type Day
Day(Day day)
          Create a new day as a copy of the specified day.
Time(Day day, int hours, int minutes, int seconds)

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