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Uses of GObject in

Subclasses of GObject in
 class GScene
          The GScene is the link between a GWindow and the graphics objects.

Methods in that return GObject
 GObject GObject.find(Object userData)
          Find sub object based on user data tag.
 GObject GObject.find(String name)
          Find a child object with specified name.
 GObject GObject.find(int x0, int y0, int x1, int y1)
          Return front-most object intersecting the specfied rectangle.
 GObject GObject.findInside(int x0, int y0, int x1, int y1)
          Find front-most object that are inside the specified rectangle.
 GObject GObject.find(int x, int y)
          Return front-most object intersecting the specfied point.
 GObject GObject.getChild(int position)
          Return the child object at specified position.
 GObject GObject.getObjectInFront()
          Return the sibling object in the immediate front of this object.
 GObject GObject.getObjectBehind()
          Return the sibling object immediately behind this object.
 GObject GObject.getParent()
          Return parent GObject of this object.
 GObject GSegment.getOwner()
          Return the owner GObject of this GSegment.
 GObject GWindow.find(String name)
          Find a GObject based on specified name.
 GObject GWindow.find(Object userData)
          Find a GObject based on user data.

Methods in with parameters of type GObject
 void GObject.add(GObject child, int position)
          Add a sub object to this graphics object.
 void GObject.add(GObject child)
          Add child object to this object.
 void GObject.reposition(GObject child, int position)
          Reposition specified child object.
 int GObject.behind(GObject child)
          Return the position code for the position behind the specified child node.
 int GObject.inFrontOf(GObject child)
          Return the position code for the position in front of the specified child node.
 void GObject.remove(GObject child)
          Remove child from child list.

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